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Dental treatment for children

We know all too well how important the prevention and treatment of caries is, right from the earliest years. We also know, however, how important it is to create a suitably stress-free atmosphere in the practice and to provide treatment that does not leave behind bad memories.

Young patients can spend time before and after their visit playing in the specially prepared play-corner.

Our offer of dental treatment for children includes:
  • prophylactic treatments, which prevent the development of caries, as well as fluoridation and polishing
  • in the case of stains from caries and early-stage caries, pain-free ozone therapy (modern method replacing traditional cauterization) and infiltration methods (using the substance ICON)
  • in the case of extensive cavities, a pain-free method of treatment using lasers

Anaesthetization is not a pleasant element of a visit to the dentist for either adults or children. In order to eliminate unpleasant experiences relating to the application of anaesthetics, our dentists use apparatus known as The Wand – a computer-steered system for giving dental anaesthetics painlessly. A dentist gives the anaesthetic using an instrument that resembles a pen, and the anaesthetic itself is measured by the computer, so that the liquid is applied at the so-called physiological speed. This allows the anaesthetic liquid to be absorbed without a painful bursting sensation.

Our team of pediatric dentists (dentists specializing in treating children) are trained to correct an overly short or overly thick frenulum of the upper lip or tongue, which can be the cause of a fault in the bite (the so-called diastema) or of speech impediments. The treatment of the frenulum occurs under local anaesthetic with lasers, which means that it is painless, extremely quick, and bleeding is eliminated, as is the need for stitches (which thus eliminates the need for a second visit to remove the stitches).

A novelty in our practice on Arkuszowa Street is the option of using sedation by inhalation, using a mixture of nitrous nitrogen, colloquially known as laughing gas, and oxygen. This type of sedation puts the patient in a relaxed state, while still remaining conscious and maintaining control of basic functions. The use of laughing gas is particularly to be recommended in the case of children (because of their low pain and stress threshold), but can also be used in the case of adults who experience particular fear of visit to the dentist. Thanks to the anaesthetic properties of nitrous nitrogen, minor dental procedures can be carried out without the necessity of applying further anaesthetics e.g. procedures relating to minor losses and replacement).