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Endodontic treatment consists of the removal of infected or dead dental pulp from cells and tooth canals, related work on the canals, and also a sealed finish.

The establishment of the correct length of the canals is unusually significant in endodontic treatment. This is achieved by the use of the newest generation of endometers (electronic devices locating the apex of a tooth using analyses of changes in the frequency of an electric current) and digital x-ray technology, which allows us to obtain a picture of the tooth without leaving the dental chair.

In the case of difficulties encountered in the course of endodontic treatment that are related, for example, to the presence of additional canals, we have a microscope, which allows us to obtain a picture of the area at 20 times the usual size. This considerably aids the process of finding additional or extremely narrow canals.

The success of an endodontic treatment depends on the elimination of bacteria from the canals of the teeth: frequently it is not possible to achieve this completely by means of conventional treatment of the canals and antiseptic rinsing. Sterilization of the canals using a YAG:Er laser or an ozone generator removes 99.9% of bacteria, which improves the chances of a successful endodontic treatment.