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According to statistics, the frequency of faults in the bite ranges from 26% to 63% in Poland. With faults in the bite we refer to every kind of incorrect placement, starting from an incorrect placement of individual teeth or overcrowding, via appendicular tooth faults, to faults that require a linked orthodontic and surgical treatment.

We carry out complex orthodontic diagnoses: we take documentary photographs, make diagnostic models and undertake radiological research. Thanks to our apparatus we are able to complete the essential x-rays in our practice, using CT scans, cephalometric photographs and in some cases (e.g. non-descended teeth) also CBCT conical bundle scans. Then the orthodontists take measurements, undertake a computer analysis of every clinical case individually, and prepare a personalised treatment plan.

Our orthodontists treat both adults and children. In the process of treatment of faults in the bite, they use removable and fixed braces (metal or cosmetic and ceramic). Children can have coloured removable braces (we use block-braces, activators, Schwarz plates and Doppel-Platte) and fixed braces (for example a Hyrax screw). For adults we use fixed braces, metal or ceramic, and also invisible thermoformed Clear Aligner overlays from the company Scheu Dental.

In our practices we also undertake interdisciplinary surgical and orthodontic treatments for non-emerged teeth. These teeth can be revealed using a laser during a surgical process, and then brought in line with the curve of the jaw using orthodontic braces.

After the phase of active treatment of faults in the bite we always complete a retentive treatment: depending on the individual case we use fixed retainers, movable plates or specially crafted thermoplastic overlays.