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The main aim of prosthetic dentistry is to fill gaps in the dentition – we achieve this using both fixed and removable dentures.

We offer our patients the following removable dentures:
  • acrylic prostheses
  • skeleton prostheses
  • acetal prostheses – an aesthetic alternative to conventional skeleton prostheses, made from the thermoplastic material acetal, these prostheses are characterized by their flexibility and their high aesthetic standard, and are recommended for patients who are allergic to metal.
  • overdenture-type prostheses – dentures whose hold is improved by making use of the existing teeth or implants.

We make the following fixed dentures:
  • crown-root implants
  • metal crowns, metal-ceramic crowns and entirely ceramic crowns on a base of zirconium oxide using CAD/CAM technology.
  • bridges

A separate branch of prosthetic dentistry is the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Some of the symptoms of pathology in the temporomandibular joints include pain in the region of these joints, sonic symptoms (crashes, creaks), and restrictions on the movement of the jaw. In order to reestablish the correct functioning of these joints, we use mandibular splints and biostimulatory therapy, which minimizes pain.

A novelty on the dental market is the TAP machine from the company Scheu, created for people who have a snoring problem. The mechanism, made to the specific measurements of the patient, advance the lower jaw, opens up the airways and eliminates snoring, along with all its negative side-effects – breathlessness, exhaustion, head-pain, problems with concentration and memory, disruption of the circulation (for example high blood pressure).