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Surgery and implantology

We provide the full range of surgical services, from the extraction of milk teeth or adult teeth, via complicated hemisectional procedures, radectomies, root treatments, operations on the frenulum, deepening of the vestibule, regeneration of damaged bone and epithelium tissue (e.g. sinus lifting), surgical preparation of the prosthetic field, to the insertion of implants.

An implant is a type of screw made of titanium, a biocompatible material, which undergoes a process of osteointegration after its insertion into the human organism. Implantology provides a variety of possibilities for rebuilding a damaged dentition – from the reconstruction of individual missing teeth, via lacks in the flanks (gaps in the side sections of the dentition), to toothlessness, and also as a correction to hold in place removable dentures. Thanks to the use of implants in many cases we can eliminate the need for filing of healthy teeth or using removable prostheses.

The implant process (implantation) is the first step in implant and prosthetic treatment; the next stage – work on dentures – takes place 3-6 months afterwards.

Our offices are authorized dental practices for several implant systems, e.g. ANKYLOS, ZIMMER. We put a ten-year guarantee on implant procedures performed by us as part of these systems.

Procedures relating to the mucous membrane in the oral cavity are another element of surgery: relief of the frenulum or removal of static abscesses or fibromas. The use of lasers in these procedures (surgical procedure lasers using CO2) speeds up the healing process for the tissue, eliminating bleeding and the need to set and remove stitches (which is linked to the need to come for a second stressful visit).