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X-ray diagnosis

Nowadays, radiological examinations are frequently indispensable in carrying out the correct treatment. If done before the start of treatment, they make it possible to reach a precise diagnosis of the pathology and, as a form of review examination, they allow pathologies without symptoms to be identified.

At present, in our dental practices we make exclusive use of digital radiographic systems. As a result we are able to reduce the amount of radiation to which patients are exposed by 90%. We also considerably improve the treatment process – computer processing allows us to obtain the image in less than 2 seconds. Furthermore, computer programming makes it possible to view several dimensions on the photographs and to superimpose photographs, which allows us to trace the development of the illness, or the correct curing process as a result of a successful treatment.

A camera for specific location photographs makes it possible to take photographs of individual teeth from inside the oral cavity, for example in order to diagnose caries or as part of endodontic treatment.

The digital panoramic radiography device allows us to obtain panoramic radiographs, i.e. review photographs showing all of a patient’s teeth, the temporomandibular joints and also the maxillary sinus.

The dental practice on Arkuszowa Street is equipped with modern equipment of the 3-in-1 variety, which allows 3D CT scans, panoramic radiographs and cephalometric photographs to be taken.

3D CT scans using conical bundles have allowed us to include the third dimension in our diagnoses – the flat images used up until now can be replaced by three-dimensional reconstruction, which makes an exact diagnosis possible, for example in the case of broken teeth, abscesses and also in the planning of implant procedures using spatial visualization.

Cephalometric images, colloquially referred to as x-ray tele photos, are indispensable to achieve success in orthodontic treatments. The images obtained in digital format are analyzed by our orthodontists using computer programmes and are one of the crucial elements in the correct planning of orthodontic treatment.